3 Mar 2011

We want that all the people interested could be part of the movie, some will do it compossing music, others with animations, helping with the rolling or translating the subtitles. We’d like that all people interested in actively participate send us videos and images to use in the movie. We’d love that the movie had a little bit of all.

Comparte tus imágenes y videos AQUI

The only condition to participate is that the material you send us it’s been registered under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento 3.0 Unported licence.Creative Commons Reconocimiento 3.0 Unported licence.. That implies that you declare being author of the piece and we are free to copy, share, distribute, adapt and use it always under the condition of mentioning you as the author.

It is very simple. For you and your kids to be part of it, fill the table with your data. It is important to accept the terms and conditions to upload the image. That way you will proceed to be part of the movie and your name will figure on the credits.

Título: De tal palo, tal astilla
Autor: Ting Chang
Licencia: CC By
Título: Caminando
Autor: Cintia Paz
Licencia: CC By
Título: Concentración
Autor: Verónica Guzzo
Licencia: CC By
Título: Jero
Autor: Cintia Paz
Licencia: CC By
Título: Bored
Autor: Joe Lewis
Licencia: CC By Sa
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